• What is Smart Internet Dating About, Anyway???

    This blog is about about my ideas, experiences, and tools related to internet dating. I have been dating my girlfriend for 3-years now and we met over the internet. The funny thing is...she doesn't like to tell people that we met over the internet. :)

    I think there is still a stigma about finding someone over the internet. Almost like people think you are "less than" because you couldn't find someone in the "real world" and had to settle for the internet.

    At one time I also thought that way. However after the last several years I no longer feel that way.

    This blog is about

    * what I went through
    * what I learned
    * the tools I used
    * the results

    I will show you great ways to get started and make the most from your internet dating experience.

    I hope you enjoy!


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Sorry for Delay in Writing–Vacation

I am back from vacation and didn’t have much of a chance to write while I was on the road.  I will get back into the swing of things today.

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